Fargo: (701) 356-3256
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Fargo: (701) 356-3256
Bismark: (701) 354-7100

Superior Insurance Agency - Fargo
1002 28th St S
Fargo, ND 58103

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Superior Insurance

Your Source for Home, Flood & Farm Insurance in Fargo, Bismarck, ND & Beyond


Superior Insurance is a full service, independently owned insurance agency based out of Fargo, ND.  With over fifty years of combined experience and living in the areas we serve, Superior Insurance is capable of handling all of your insurance needs. As an independent insurance agency, we can shop your policy with many carriers to find the best blend of coverage and price.

No matter what your insurance needs are, Superior Insurance is there for you or your business.

Home Insurance

Your home is one of the most significant purchases made in a lifetime, so why settle for out of the box insurance? At Superior Insurance, we'll discuss your lifestyle to learn about potential exposures and create a home insurance policy that's designed for you. 

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is something people should know more about. Throughout the country we all run a risk of having flood damage in our homes, and our home insurance isn't designed to absorb those costs. Flood insurance programs are run through the Federal Government, but there are benefits to coupling with your existing home insurance policy, from potentially higher limits along with multiple policy discounts. Superior Insurance will make sure your flood insurance keeps you above the water line. 

Farm Insurance

Having a farm is far more than owning a business, it's a passion and a lifestyle. Farmers choose this life, and their businesses are also their homes, which elevates the importance of both. At Superior Insurance, we have folks on our staff that grew up on farms, so we understand farmers’ needs and concerns. We'll tour your farm to learn your day to day operations and discuss your plans for the future. Our goal is to create a farm insurance policy that grows right along with your farm. 





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Meet Our Team

Jorin Johnson
Jorin Johnson

Agent/Certified Financial Planner

Robin Swanson
Robin Swanson


Heidi Rue
Heidi Rue


Jenna Crabtree
Jenna Crabtree

Agent and Assistant to Robin Swanson



If you are looking for a business partner - connect with Jorin. He is an individual who truly cares about his clients - whether it is your personal investments, personal insurance or more importantly your business investments and insurance - Jorin is your true trusted business adviser. He will help you and your business reach the next level!"

Tonya Stende

Jorin is what I call "Trusted Advisor." You can call him at home on a Saturday afternoon....and he will not think twice about spending 15 minutes on the phone with you answering questions or discussing a tentative solution to your challenge. At times he calls to simply say hello...grab a cup of coffee...see how the family is doing. Jorin's integrity is top shelf, and I would recommend him to anybody who is in the market for a solid, trusted adviser to meet their home/commercial/life insurance needs."

John-Thomas (JT) Dietrich

Robin is real and genuine and provides great customer service!

Teresa Lewis

After making the switch to Robin, we now know our inusrance agent and our agent knows us.

David Newman

So can I tell you how much I love my insurance agent? Seriously, if you do not have a personal relationship with your insurance agent, please talk to Robin and see how great she is. We were able to save half on our homeowners and car insurance! Who doesn't love to save money? She gives you the time you need to answer all of your questions.

Melissa Schmalenberger

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